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Episode 7 – Senior Picture Day

(2019 – Season Premiere) The Joy Unicorns have returned, and we’re launching our first full season with some of our favorite stories from this past summer! On this week’s podcast, listen as a Marine from our area offers his brothers and sisters a much-needed escape to a place so beautiful …

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Episode 6 – My Dad is a Sparkly Princess

(2019) Did the title of this week’s show make you smile?  Good!  Just keep in mind this dress-wearing dad has a lesson to teach all of us. We hear from the author of the new book “Big Bad Dad” and find out you really can’t judge ANY book by it’s …

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Episode 5: Old Dogs, Postcards, & Benevolent Wine

(2019)  What began as kind of a sad commentary quickly turns into something inspirational in the Midwest.  Matter of fact, this story is so uplifting, you’re likely to wag your tail! On today’s show, we meet a man who has found a way to make sure that old dogs are …

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Episode 4: Finding Joy In Our Relationships

(2019) We all have those people in our life we really get excited about seeing.  Sometimes it’s a family member, sometimes it’s a friend, and sometimes its both! On today’s show, we meet a group of teenage girls who have been life-long friends.  And while its true some sadness brought …

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Episode 03: The Three Rs of Joy

(2019) If you’re thinking you’re about to be schooled after reading the title of this week’s show, you’re right…kind of. After all, part of this week’s lesson in joy comes from Heather Teegarden of the WSU Extension Service.  She, and others around the country, are sponsoring something different called the …

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Episode 02: Hey Unicorns, Kindness Is Contagious!

(2019) Inspiring people to be kind to one another is harder work than you might think, especially when you’re 14 years old. On this week’s show, we meet Carlie Steele.  She’s a teenager on a mission, and from her headquarters in tiny Amity, Oregon, she’s created a movement that’s literally …

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