Episode 4: Finding Joy In Our Relationships

(2019) We all have those people in our life we really get excited about seeing.  Sometimes it’s a family member, sometimes it’s a friend, and sometimes its both!

On today’s show, we meet a group of teenage girls who have been life-long friends.  And while its true some sadness brought them closer together, the ladies of the Pink Bandanas Guild have turned that sadness into something really positive.

Then, we explore a new program by the non-profit Treehouse that’s going to help equip a special group of kids with skills to become productive adults.  We also get a chance to meet a couple who pretty much say its the “simple things” that make relationships last.  After all, they should know, after just celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary!

Also on today’s show, Charlie will share some positive headlines for Unicorns in the News,  Terry will Sound The Horn with an inspirational quote and challenge, the kids of the Positivity Posse are in the house, and Brian adds another music selection to the Joy Jukebox.

After the show, be sure to shop at the Joy Unicorns Store.  Get the gear that shows the world you’re a Joy Unicorn…and help support our project in the process!

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Host: Brian Calvert

Announcer: Shannon O’Donnell

“Sound the Horn” host: Terry Travis

“Unicorns in the News” host: Charlie Harger



Right now, we plan on producing a new episode every other week.  When we’re able to find sponsors, we hope to give you new shows more often!  This means the next episode of The Joy Unicorns Show will premiere on this website & iTunes:

May 14, 2019






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