Episode 5: Old Dogs, Postcards, & Benevolent Wine

(2019)  What began as kind of a sad commentary quickly turns into something inspirational in the Midwest.  Matter of fact, this story is so uplifting, you’re likely to wag your tail!

On today’s show, we meet a man who has found a way to make sure that old dogs are allowed to retire in style.  He’s behind the new Shep’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary, where older dogs are shown all the love and attention they deserve.

Then, we share the efforts of a man who reaches out everyday to his daughter – not via text or phone call – but by way of postcards.  The story about why he does it will warm your heart, and might even inspire you to send a postcard.  And, we’ll meet some of the people behind Vital Wines, an operation in Walla Walla, Washington that makes wine, and uses its profits to take care of those working in the vineyards.

Also on today’s show, Charlie will share some positive headlines for Unicorns in the News,  Terry will Sound The Horn with an inspirational quote and challenge,  and Brian adds another music selection to the Joy Jukebox.

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Host: Brian Calvert

Announcer: Shannon O’Donnell

“Sound the Horn” host: Terry Travis

“Unicorns in the News” host: Charlie Harger



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