Episode 6 – My Dad is a Sparkly Princess

(2019) Did the title of this week’s show make you smile?  Good!  Just keep in mind this dress-wearing dad has a lesson to teach all of us.

We hear from the author of the new book “Big Bad Dad” and find out you really can’t judge ANY book by it’s cover.  We also support the mission of saving and adopting older horses, meet Canada’s own “Bunny Whisperer,” and find out about a really cool program called Girls on the Rise.  You’ll be cheering “You go Girl!” by the end of the story!

Also on today’s show, Charlie will share some positive headlines for Unicorns in the News,  Terry will Sound The Horn with an inspirational quote and challenge,  and Brian adds another music selection to the Joy Jukebox.

After the show, be sure to shop at the Joy Unicorns Store.  Get the gear that shows the world you’re a Joy Unicorn…and help support our project in the process!

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Host: Brian Calvert

Announcer: Shannon O’Donnell

“Sound the Horn” host: Terry Travis

“Unicorns in the News” host: Charlie Harger


This concludes our “spring preview” of the show.  We’re going to take a break for the summer, find a lot of great stories, and prepare to share them with you when we re-launch in September.  We’re currently looking for 2-3 sponsors who can help us keep this show moving forward…please contact us if you’re interested in putting your name on this show!  This means the next episode of The Joy Unicorns Show will premiere on this website & iTunes:

September 10th, 2019






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