We’re hoping a few companies will help make our programming a reality


We want to operate this project much like public broadcasting, and make it possible through local leaders in business, and listeners like YOU!

Instead of commercials or digital advertising, we simply want to make your name associated with our quest to find joy, share joy, and inspire joy. Sponsorships cover all production, talent, and other hard costs for the project, and will be limited to one presenting sponsor, and two production partners.

As a sponsor you get:

– Name displayed prominently on JoyUnicorns.com website

– Name mentioned TWICE during each episode of the podcast The Joy Unicorns Show

– Name mentions in select social media posts about the podcast

By joining us and making our broadcast and Internet presence possible, your company’s logo will be prominently placed on our website. Your name will also be in all social media bios, as well as and mentioned in all podcast episodes.

Interested in being part of this?  ContactUs.